Monday, 11 August 2014

The process or the end result?

Hello again

So as I'm feeling happy on this beautiful Monday morning, I thought it was about time to treat you all to a snippet of my first exhibition, combining photography with music to excite and exhilarate. For those of you that follow me for the animals, do not worry animals will always feature.

Whether putting together these images, compiling a new song, or training the dogs or horses, I have found that there seem to be two very different stances as to how people keep motivated;

One is by focusing on the outcome, the end result. 
The other is by enjoying the process, the activity in its own right.

Sometimes rushing to reach that end result, can lead to problems, affecting the well-being of all involved due to the intense pressure that one may put on him/herself. It can lead to the ever growing fad of finding that magical 'quick fix' rather than taking life as it is and enjoying the ride.

I enjoy the process, it is the process of working with art, music or animals that brings the therapeutic effect. I'm speaking both personally, and professionally here, personally it makes me live in the moment - a sort of meditation if you like - and professionally I witness people change as they learn to relax and enjoy living in the moment, without worrying about the past or the future.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, you just want a peak at the pictures don't you ;)

This guy was amazing, we had a long chat when he stopped after this session. I showed him some of the images and noted that he looked a bit worried in the first. He then carefully explained the sheer amount of politics when spraying over a fellow artists tag, all made sense then! I love the contrast between the man in the suit stuck in his business bubble with the artist - both absorbed in their own lives only inches away from one another.


For those critical eyes, you can see that I have kept the images as raw as possible, without processing. This better reflected the mood of the subjects and of myself. Spot the added paws too, additional designing!

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