Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Current trends in the market - What do you think?

I have just come back from an interesting CPD weekend. After a brilliant lecture by Steve from Rowden Dog's Trust, we discuss current trends in the marketplace and its impact on animal welfare.

As it was the Dug’s Trust we were specifically discussing the current training aids used within the canine market place. Thinking of a typical pet store, owners can purchase electric shock collar and fencing systems (thankfully not in Wales now http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/8584028.stm) as well as choke chains, muzzles, horns and sprays. There are so many choices, but with them comes little or no information on the potential effects of using each different tool, indeed there is not even very much information on how to use them effectively at all! NOTE: There is even the risk of frustration via improper use of clickers and food dispensers.

This topic heavily reflects the equine market too, with the changes in trends affecting the welfare and training of our horses, from boot types, spurs, bits, nosebands, to certain pressure-release tools, even clickers and food dispensers. Do the companies selling us these products provide owners with enough information to (a) use each tool effectively and (b) to fully understand the effects of each tool on their horses welfare?

I thought it would make an interesting topic and would love to hear your views!

Any questions just ask.

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